Year 11 Academic Review Day - Mr Celano, Headteacher

Dear Parents, 

I am emailing today to thank you for your support of our new Academic Review Day yesterday.  It was a great pleasure to see almost 80% of parents able to come to the school for one to one appointments with either me or one my senior team.  In school we all felt so uplifted by the whole experience, and the students seem extremely positive about the support that they feel this has given them.  At times like this I am visibly reminded of the tremendous parental and student support that we enjoy and never take for granted.  Thank you!  

As I think I said when I wrote to you all regarding this day, and as a working parent myself, I absolutely understand that it can be simply impossible to find time in the working day for things like this.  Therefore, please do not worry if you were unable to come yesterday: Your son or daughter will be able to talk you through the meeting, the targets we set them, the support we have offered, and how we look forward to reviewing progress again with you in person on the evening of either the 7th or 8th March.  We will write in due course with your appointment for either evening. 

Yesterday was just one more step along the road of support, encouragement and care that we see our wonderful Year 11 benefitting from this term.  It is such a privilege to work with them and see them grow.  They are a wonderful year group and we are so proud of them all.  On behalf of all their teachers and my senior team – thank you!

Yours sincerely, 

Mr Andrew Celano


Year 11 academic review

Posted 1 month ago